Workplace Testing

Workplace Testing

Businesses are facing a challenging time, especially in establishing new ways of working and bringing their staff back to work. Regular workplace testing for COVID-19 is likely to significantly reduce business risk and help in the management of your workplace.

Some of the advantages of regular testing include:

  • Determine if employees are negative for COVID-19 and safe to return to work.
  • Determine if workers from households, who have come into contact with people with symptoms can be in work.
  • Regular monitoring of staff for COVID-19 ensures that your staff, customers and supply networks are COVID-19 secured.
  • Reduce staff anxieties about returning to work, reduce absenteeism due to self-isolation, and increase workplace productivity.
  • With the symptoms of COVID-19 sometimes taking up to two weeks to show in infected patients, it is important that there is rapid testing of individuals for businesses to safeguard their staff.
  • Able to identify asymptomatic carrier that may be present in the workplace.
  • Supporting COVID-19 workplace risk assessments.

Testing available: COVID-19 Antigen and Antibody Testing



Per Test

Viral antigen swab tests check to see if you currently have the virus. This test is used to directly detect if the staff member is infected with virus at the time of testing.



Per Test

Blood testing for the presence of IgG antibodies against COVID-19. These
antibodies indicate that you may have had COVID-19 recently and have developed antibodies that may protect
you from future infection. It is unknown, at this point, how much protection antibodies might provide against


Our service to you

The above pricing is based on testing a minimum of 10 members of staff from any given location, but we can offer personalised packages based on your requirements.

We work directly with your HR team or COVID-19 Coordinator to arrange all the details of your testing needs. Our sample collection staff organise all the collections on-site and with the minimum disruption to your working day.

All of the samples are taken to our laboratory in Leeds and tested to ensure you get the most accurate results as quickly as possible. You receive a single report, clearly detailing the COVID-19 status of your staff and explaining all of the results. Giving you the information you require to make those vital business decision.

*(T&Cs apply, please contact us for more details)